Tuesday, July 12, 2011

the last 2 and half months

We have been busy. First we had a baby! this is Max !! Lydia keeps asking if she can walk around and hold him because she is a big girl now! (No thank you.)

Ali is just happy to hold him. And Juan says Yea I like him.

Things are going good, I wake up 3 times with Max and then Juan is waking up around 5. Thanks Juan. So for the first month Luis started sleeping on Juan's floor just to stop him from coming in and waking me up. Thanks hun, love you! He really made the first month so much easier. Then after that we were off on vacation to.........

MAUI !!!
I love Maui, we now have been there twice; and a week is not long enough.
This is were we stopped to eat on our road trip, the road to Hana. It was good food but it just costs an arm and a leg. Oh and the pineapple picture was right in front of this place. I thought it was cute, its a really one.
This is at the end of the road to Hana it was beautiful. Its called The Sacred Pools. The water was a little cold. But the wind was what made it really cold.
When we are driving on that bridge there in the back, on the other side there is another water fall and 4 more pools it's really an amazing place.
This spot was 5 minutes from our hotel its really an amazing place to swim. And there was tons of fish to see. The first fish is my favorite.

The hotel pools were wonderful. The kids loved the play area inside a 1 1/2 foot deep pool. Then there were two water slides.
There is an amazing tree there. I want one in my back yard. I know it looks like lots of trees but they are all one tree.
When it was time to go back home the girls kept saying "forget about the airplane and our home and lets just stay here!" I wish.......

Then we came home and went to a friends wedding, and took family pictures. what do you think?

After that we headed off to Fort Bragg. I wasn't looking forward to it. We were just in Maui were you can swim in the ocean. It felt like bath water. AMAZING!!! Now we are going to the ocean and you don't want to even touch it because its soooooo cold. And sleeping in tents with a two month old not to fun. And Juan waking up right when the sun hits your tent.
Our first morning Juan woke up at 5 and sat up and said "Mommy I wake." Luis rolled over and said "no your not." Juan did go right back to sleep until 8. But the rest of the time he was up around 6:30 or 7. Yeah.
looking at our pictures we didn't take alot so this is what I have. Ali Waking up. Max's napping.
Now we are home and summer is almost over what happened?

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  1. Love your family pic!!! You are so brave to fly to Maui with four kids!!!!! My mom lives in kauai and I keep telling her there's no way I'm doing that flight until my kids are older unless there is a direct flight from salt lake! and even then I'm not sure about it! Looks like it is so worth it once you get there though.