Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Well things have been busy here with the Lugos so I haven't had time to blog.  But here was our 4th of July.  We were at fort Bragg camping.  And we had a great time I didn't think to take pictures at camp but here we are at the beach. 

After the day was over Ali was covered in sand. 
Dad was trying to get the girls to run into the ocean with him But Lydia knew it was cold and couldn't be talked into doing it. 
But they had a great time IN the sand. 
Thats Grandpa, Grandma, Lydia, and mom trying to play jump rope with sea weed.  ewww!

This is us at glass beach.  If you have never been it is really cool. There is no sand it is all glass. And it is different colors of glass.  We had so much fun picking up the glass and seeing who could find the biggest.

Tio Paul found the biggest one.

Mom got burned but that always happens.

This two stick together and they are best friends.  Its so awesome to watch them play together,
when they dont think people are watching.