Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Excursions

Hooked on fishing was last weekend, so for our first time we went. The girls were really looking forward to it, and Juan is excited on any outing.

We first got there and found our fishing poles. Luis had Juan on his shoulders and was caring his and Lydia's fishing poles. Ali had to carry her own. So next was the bait. We found the table with little paper cups and the biggest, fattest worms you have ever seen. Luis looked at me and said theres the bait. (His hands were full already. I had nothing in my hands.) So theres the bait. My response was what do you want me to do? A man walking by thought is was funny. But after that I got 3 cups. After that we found the pools for first timers, guaranteed a fish. So we put everything down, and found a pole with a fish already on it.

After we got our fish we went to the cleaning table. I have to say I am happy we don't have pictures of that. It was a little traumatizing for me, the girls were ok with it all.
After we went home and BB-Q the fish. We had never had cat fish before and now we know why. Next year we will definitely go back to hooked on fish day. We will not be taking the fish home.

The Cook's and Luis and the girls went to the park and collected caterpillars this weekend and today we woke up to an invasion of the caterpillars in the kitchen. The girls where worried that they would be to cold in the garage and we left them on the counter in a box and this morning I woke up to them crawling all over my kitchen. The girls picked them up but I was afraid that I was going to step on one that I had missed.

To keep them from escaping again, I then modified the box so that they will not escape again because they are contained with the netting.

So after worrying all day about squishing a caterpillar I felt a squish under my foot and saw these from Juan's dinner.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

moving in

These birds have been trying to move in for two weeks now. At first I thought it would be cute and sweet. And then all the poop started showing up all over my window and by my front door.
Luis and I got home late from shopping and found them there again so he took a shoe and waved it around to scare them away. It worked but they got so scared that they crashed into each other. They were ok. But I felt bad. We haven't had an new move ins.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Elder Jacobs

This is my cousin Kyle that is serving in Paradise and we got the chance to take a picture with him at stake conference. I was excited to see him, and had to get pictures. He said all is well and he is still enjoying his mission. I hope we will get to see him again soon.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Fair

Once again the fair is coming around. We love the fair. Seeing the animals was fun and Juan loved them. He did his little dance ever time we came to another animal.

Juan had drooled all over his shirt so we had to take is off until it dried.
And the girls loved this slide we went on it 3 or 4 times. It was fast, but lots of fun.

And we always have to ride the horses. Even Juan was able to ride.

And Ali was finally tall enough to ride the rides. Luis and I went on the ride with the girls That me with the awesome hat.