Friday, May 29, 2009

                        His foot was 3 times that size.  

This week has been much better.  Luis's foot is almost back to normal size. And my house is mostly clean.  Grandma, the kids, and I when yard sales shopping. We were looking for a cage for Eggie but didn't find one. But what we found was much cooler! And Lydia loves it. 

We got it for 15 dollars. We always said we wanted to get one but it costs over 100 dollars so we never got it.  But 15 dollars, it just puts a smile on my face. I love yard sale shopping! While Luis and Lydia where riding Ali wanted to ride a bike to, so Grandma got Lydia's bike out for her to sit on.

                This is Ali's Happy face.                            

  We let the bike roll down the little hill she                                                                                             said "again please " in a very boring tone. 
As you can see with her expressions she is
 have lots of fun.  (really she was!) 
After bike riding they jumped into the pool. 
Lydia was to excited when she saw the pools 
she forgot to take off her helmet.

last week i was playing on the computer and the girls kept bringing me hair clips and asking me to put them in there hair.  This was the finished hair do's. 

Some more Lugo fun was one week Luis was out
 of town for work.  It was the end of the week 
and I was getting tired.  I went to the bathroom
and came back to this.

But I didn't blow up we decided to have some fun with it.
They are so darn cute.  It put me in a better mood and we had fun. 

But I saved the best pictures for last.  Its my little man all ready for church.

And all week long he doesn't have a poop out
 until I put him in this tux and get to church. 
Oh well I got a good picture before it happened! 

blog again later...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

pulling out my hair

I have been so tired lately.  Juan wakes up 2 -4 times at night and when he is sleeping Ali or Lydia has been up.  So I heard this book called 12 hours of sleep at 12 weeks old.  And everyone says it works. So I got the book last week. It all sounds great and even makes sense on how to make them sleep for the 12 hours.  It has only been 1 week and he is doing well during the day but at night he is just uncomfortable.  So after all that.  Im pulling out my hair.  I have people telling me how I need to clean my house. ( You just need to do this and this and if you do this right away it will be better.  Oh and clean this right then or you will get ants. and so on and so...) I do have 3 kids at home all under 4.  Im doing what I can with NO sleep. I am trying to put Lydia in pre-school and I have a novel to fill out on all the paper work they want.  One question is - Words your child uses for bowel movement? Come on you cant figger that out. Then I have to run around and get her Dr. to fill out papers to.  Getting all three kids in and out just to drop off a paper sucks!  Then at Luis's soccer game just as it starts he gets carried off the fields. His ankle is the size of a large grapefruit, and black and blue. I hope it isn't broken.   

Mothers day dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Young's.  Luis got all the kids wet.


Any ways - how was your Mothers day?Mine was good.  Luis got up and made me breakfast and I got one of those things that count your steps.  Then I had to give a talk at church.  And most of the time I would have a heart attack having to get up and give a talk BUT there was maybe 2 rows full. And thats a good day at church. I think the spanish branch has and will help me get over my fear of  talking infront of people.   Then the Saturday before we when to the Dixon Fair.  The girls loved it. 

They love riding the horses!!

Everyone loves fair food 

For a while now Lydia has been coming up with something at bed time on Why she should sleep with us.  For a while it was ghosts. But I tell her that we left all the ghosts back at the little house.  Then there was a mean mouse under the bed.  I would tel her that there is no mouse our cat gets all the mice.  That was a month ago.  But Ali will not let the mouse story go.  Every time we miss place something, the keys the remote  my cell phone. Ali always tells me  - the mouse take it, mouse.  

I wrote this blog 3 days ago (Juan slept for 10 hours last night  whoo  hooo the book works!!!!!)

blog again later

Monday, May 4, 2009

With Grandma and Grandpa coming over and it being a beautiful day we just had to get out.  We took the family hiking.   In the path we found a floating worm.  Lydia just had to hold it. She thought it was really cool.  

Lydia found a beautful butterfly. She was so excited (look mom, look!!!!  I want to step on it)  Dont worry we saved the butterful. 

We had everything we needed. Lydia has the toys we were going to play with and the snacks. Ali had a sheet for us to sit on. Grandpa and his everything bag. Mom and Dad had the water. Grandma had Juan.

The past 2 weeks was so much fun.  The sun was out and we just played and played outside.  Juan slept in the swing most of the time but even he had a good time. 

We also got a pet, yes, we have a pet.  Not the evil cat that we have I don't count him as a pet. He just keeps the mice away. We now have a chick.  Lydia calls herself its mommy.  She named it eggie. For the 2 weeks with sun she would play out side for hours with eggie.

Ali just likes to watch eggie.  She thinks its funny when it trys to fly away or runs around. So I have to watch her closely she scares poor eggie.

I think Eggie was running away from Ali. 

Hope you all enjoyed this weeks Lugo blog.  Sorry I am still learning how it all works and I just dont have tons of time to play around with it.  Blog with you next week!