Friday, August 20, 2010


School started for Lydia last Wednesday. She loved it! She has two little friends in her class and she was happy and ready to go and learn.

She picked out her first day of school outfit and was so excited.
These are her friends, David the blond one is her "boyfriend" they have been talking about getting married for a long time.
Last Friday I went to pick her up and she came out happy had a great day, and said Im done with school. I said yes for two day and you have two says off but Monday you get to come back. This whole week has been terrible! She doesn't want to go to school. And this whole week I have had to leave her crying and screaming and kicking it has been hard on her and on me. She cries and says please just one more kiss and hug. So I give her just one more. Them through the tears she say wait I have to tell you something, I say ok tell me. She takes a deep breath in and says PLEASE TAKE ME WITH YOU! The lunch lady who is helping me with her says everyday she cries less. Today was just the same. I told her today was Friday and you don't have to go tomorrow. We will see how Monday goes.

P.S. today on the way to school I saw her sucking her thumb! She has never sucked her thumb! Should I be worried?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

She is 3!

I asked Ali what she wanted for her birthday and it was Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, and pink. I told her we could do Tinker Bell but I didn't know about Peter Pan. So here is Tinker Bell. She sat on the couch and Tinker Bell had to watch t.v. with her until the party started.

So one of the things I love about birthdays is making the cake. She wanted tinker bell and I have a princess cake pan and I was going to just make it tinker bell. The first cake I made was at 5 o'clock friday night. I poked the cake with a toothpick and it all came out clean so it is cooked right? I let it sit on the counter for half an hour to let it cool, and then I put the tinker bell doll in the cake and it all came out soupy. Soooo, I had to make another cake. Started at 6 I baked it for an hour and 15 minutes. It just wouldn't bake. So I cut all the burnt off and tasted it. It just wasn't good. So I was not going to make another cake. But we had to have a great looking cake, and Ali LOVED it. Yeah!!!!

Ali loves pink, so she LOVED her pink dresses!
And to close the party we had to say goodbye to Tinker Bell. pinatas are great fun.

And now my Ali Walli is 3. Thanks to all who came.