Wednesday, September 16, 2009

disgustingly clean

We have a wonderful vacuum and I empty all the time. It picks up tons of stuff all the time. So sadly I never thought about cleaning the rolling brush. ewww! I was vacuuming in the hall way and sucked up Lydia's necklaces and it got stuck so I flipped it over and the brush was totally gone and this is what I found.

Please don't judge me, I have learned my lesson and I promise I will flip the vacuum more often.

Beauty tips for Ali

First you get grandma's lip stick.
Second make sure she isn't looking.
Third just a little on the top lip.

First Day of School

Lydia has started pre-school, she hasn't been looking forward to it at all. But she enjoys it now. Yes she says I don't want to go. And she is sad when I leave, but not even 2 minutes after I leave she is running around having a great time.

Lydia LOVES painting. It is only the 2nd week and she has not room left in her room. I think we are going to start painting for other people so watch out family you might be getting awesome pictures in the mail.
Miss Jesse is a wonder teacher and Lydia really likes her.