Wednesday, October 27, 2010

way behind

I know, I know it has been 2 months. But it feels like just last week. To pick up where I left off Lydia at school, she is still having a hard time with the drop off. But half the time I think it has become a game. Today I walked her into the lunch room and she ran to sit down and eat, I wait until the teacher/lunch lady is there, and Lydia runs over because she knows I leave once she is there,and she said ok I guess you have to walk me over to the teacher. So she clings to my leg (after just sitting down by herself ) and I walk over to the lunch lady she holds on to Lydia and I pull her off of me and I walk out. (What a pill right!) After two months you think it would be over.
Juan is just growing and growing. He is talking so much more now, and he just love Ricky Martin Go go go. The first thing he says in the morning when I go in his room to get him out of his bed, is go go... He is only 20 months old and can already take out his 3 year sister and his 5 year old sister. He isn't potty trained yet but he is starting to tell me when he goes. "Ohh, Ohh, pee pee, pee pee, while he points to his pants. He also just loves his Dad, we just had Dad home for 3 weeks, Thats a lot for us! But oh did we love it. The saddest part was when Luis hard to leave again and Juan walked around the house all day that first day looking for Dada. He would stand at the office door and knock, Dada Dada. Just broke my heart.

Ali just got her first hair cut. Her hair is just so thin and it was down to the middle of her back and just looking stringy. So I cut it just past her shoulders. She loves it! She stands next to Lydia and says "see now we match!" I took pictures but I think they are on Luis's phone. I will have to get the to you next time. Ali love to sing she sings her songs all day and this is s video of one of my favorite ones she sings 'Queen of the Waves'

Other news, About 4 weeks now we were realist from the spanish branch. I was so sad. They are such wonderful people and I truly felt like family there. We are enjoying 2 ward and are starting to get to know people now. Has October gone by so fast for all of you, because it just came and now its almost gone. The kids have asked just about everyday if it was trick or treating time today. Because it falls on Sunday we are not going out. But our ward is putting on a trunk or treat on Saturday, yea, then we still love the spanish branch and we are going to there trunk or treat Friday. Plus Luis's work does trick or treating in the office. So we will have more then enough candy by the end of it all.

more news and why it has taken so long to post anything, we are expecting our 4th baby. Yes thats right baby Lugo 4 will be with us May 1st or you know around there. The first 3 months are hard on me if I wasn't feeling sick I was more tired then I can put in words. I really couldn't even drive more then 20 to 30 minutes or I would fall asleep driving. Now I am past the first trimester and starting to feel a little better, and not as tired. Ali wants so much for the baby to be a girl. She says I have already had a baby boy, and now I want a girl. Lydia wants it to be a boy. She says we already have two girls and we only have one boy so we need another boy so we can have two boys too. Ether way one of them will be happy right! Well Thats all I can think of to up date you for now. I will try to post again soon.

Friday, August 20, 2010


School started for Lydia last Wednesday. She loved it! She has two little friends in her class and she was happy and ready to go and learn.

She picked out her first day of school outfit and was so excited.
These are her friends, David the blond one is her "boyfriend" they have been talking about getting married for a long time.
Last Friday I went to pick her up and she came out happy had a great day, and said Im done with school. I said yes for two day and you have two says off but Monday you get to come back. This whole week has been terrible! She doesn't want to go to school. And this whole week I have had to leave her crying and screaming and kicking it has been hard on her and on me. She cries and says please just one more kiss and hug. So I give her just one more. Them through the tears she say wait I have to tell you something, I say ok tell me. She takes a deep breath in and says PLEASE TAKE ME WITH YOU! The lunch lady who is helping me with her says everyday she cries less. Today was just the same. I told her today was Friday and you don't have to go tomorrow. We will see how Monday goes.

P.S. today on the way to school I saw her sucking her thumb! She has never sucked her thumb! Should I be worried?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

She is 3!

I asked Ali what she wanted for her birthday and it was Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, and pink. I told her we could do Tinker Bell but I didn't know about Peter Pan. So here is Tinker Bell. She sat on the couch and Tinker Bell had to watch t.v. with her until the party started.

So one of the things I love about birthdays is making the cake. She wanted tinker bell and I have a princess cake pan and I was going to just make it tinker bell. The first cake I made was at 5 o'clock friday night. I poked the cake with a toothpick and it all came out clean so it is cooked right? I let it sit on the counter for half an hour to let it cool, and then I put the tinker bell doll in the cake and it all came out soupy. Soooo, I had to make another cake. Started at 6 I baked it for an hour and 15 minutes. It just wouldn't bake. So I cut all the burnt off and tasted it. It just wasn't good. So I was not going to make another cake. But we had to have a great looking cake, and Ali LOVED it. Yeah!!!!

Ali loves pink, so she LOVED her pink dresses!
And to close the party we had to say goodbye to Tinker Bell. pinatas are great fun.

And now my Ali Walli is 3. Thanks to all who came.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

yard work

The day we got home from Maui Luis and I were waiting for Grandma to bring the kids home. So we started so yard work. I was almost finished mowing the yard when they showed up. And Juan and Ali wanted to help.

Then we turned on the water, Luis saw one of the sprinkler not working so he was fixing it when it went crazy.
We tried turning the water off to fix it but the sprinkle would fall back into the ground and the only way to fix it was to get wet.
It took 20 to 30 minutes to fix. But thats because I was laughing at Luis, and instead of helping I ran and got the camera.
Love you Luis!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Road to Hana

My pictures are from the end of the trip to the beginning. But it was really nice. I get car sick and the road is really bad, but if we could have taken all day and stayed the night there and came back in next day it would have been great. I took Dramamine and it just took me out. I really thought it was beautiful but I couldn't get out and really enjoy it like Luis really wanted to I was just so tired.

This is the end. It was really nice I wanted to get in but I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open. Luis got in.

Bay watch really missed out on this hunk!

At every turn there was water falls, you had to look to find some of them but they were all great.
Right off the road, there was tons of people pulled off the road just for these pictures.

This is one of the turns in the road we stopped and climbed over the wall and hiked to the waterfall
It was a small waterfall but it was nice.

Twin Falls was our first stop it was really cool,
This is a little girl jumping into the waterfall pool, from way to high... she was fine her dad was there telling her to hurry up so her little sister could do it before she chickened out.
I didn't know pineapple grew on the ground, I thought it was like cocoanut. But there it is!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

snorkeling in Maui

This is our day cruise, it was so nice. The water was amazing. Just a little cold, but the people were there with wet suits for us too.

We had breakfast and Lunch on the boat and the crew was awesome. They were always there to fill your drinks, help you around the boat when it was going and even in the water they were going around making sure that we were ok, and seeing all the fish that was there.

This is one way to get off the boat. Thats me waiting for my noodle to be given to me.

Luis is an awesome swimmer and I was to chicken to swim down to far. The water was about 55 feet deep. Luis would swim down a little and get good pictures

Just before we jumped in the waster we saw dolphins. The crew on the boat said" for every one you see there is 3 more under water. "

I really liked the yellow fish.

Can you see the fish in this picture? One of the crew members showed us this fish and we couldn't see it until he touched it and made it swim. This is a picture of what our boat looks like. Horror store, beware if you get queasy you may not want to read on ... just skip to the next picture. On the way back we had an 2 and a half hour boat ride. I was getting tired and that boat was throwing people all over the place. I thought I would be fine, but boy was I wrong. I got sick. So we moved to the bottom of the boat and I was starting to feel a little better, Luis went in the front of the boat to check it out, and I was in the middle of the boat, All of a sudden i jump up walked (because I couldn't run or I would fall) as fast as I could to the back of the boat , but I couldn't make it. I got to the side and lost it. The only problem at the side of the boat is the wind. I ended up throwing up on the 4 people sitting behind me. I felt so bad but the were nice and tried to help me out. They gave up the sits and I sat there feeling so much better all the way home. I was scared to move from my seat, because I knew I would get sick again but in the back I felt great.

This pictures where when we were just snorkeling around our room. We wanted to see turtle so bad we were asking everyone and ended up seeing and swimming with about 12 of them. IT was so cool. And they were so big, it was crazy, swimming with this turtles that are bigger then us.
It was so great we loved it all.