Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Juan is only 14 months and he is climbing up this thing and sliding down. I thought I had to watch him before but now I have to be right behind him with hands out ready to catch all the time.

this is him after the slide, He loves slides.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hair cut number 2

I have been wanting to cut Lydia's hair for a while now, but Luis didn't want me to. I always cut Luis's hair, and last weekend he asked me to cut his hair again. I told him that I was going to cut Lydia's hair also. He said no and I said it was getting to long. So fine cut it then. I finished with him and sat her down. Luis was sitting in the living room looking and talking at me as I was cutting but he never really looked at what I was doing because when I was finished even he was surprised.

I love it!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rose Calla Lily

Grandma Pita wanted the girls to plant some flowers so she left money for us to go to the store and this is what we came back with. The girls had fun.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fabulous 3 week vacation

It all started when Luis had to go to Shreveport, Louisiana for 2 weeks for work, He asked me if I would be up for coming with him. 2 Weeks in a hotel with 3 kids wouldn't be to fun. But he then said it was only 3 hours away from my sister in Plano, Texas. So off we went to Louisiana. What Luis didn't tell me was the hotel he got for us was on the Louisiana board walk. We had so much fun looking around at all the shops and playing on the little park there. We even got invited to a birthday party for a little kid we didn't even know! One of the stores was a Bass and Pro shop. The girls loved walking around there. They thought it was Tarzan's house.

After the first week was over, we were off to Plano, to see my sister, and her family. We had an awesome time. They have a park just up the street, that the girls had lots of fun at. My sister Cheryl also has a pool and the girls wanted to swim so bad they didn't care it was to cold. So I let them in and they just played on the top step. When cousin Analee came home, Lydia was so excited she was there that she fell in the pool. She was alright, and even laugh at it after she saw Analee and I laughing at it. The girls just loved playing with there cousins. And they are already asking when we can go back to see them again. ( I hope it can been soon) Ali walks around the house talking with her friend Jacob all the time.

After a fabulous week with my sister and she family it was time to go home, the kids did awesome on the airplanes and the extra time at the airport.

Once we were home we had just enough time to wash our clothes and repack and off again to Disney land.
This was from our room. We got to the hotel at 9:00 and the show starts at 9:20 it was really cool and the kids loved it.

Lydia wouldn't go anywhere near any of them
Disneyland was a blast. Next year watch out Disney world!!!!